Back-to-Back Weekends w/ Denver Parks and Recreation Beautify Denver

Volunteering w/ Denver Parks & Rec

Two weekends in a row, Secular Hub volunteers ventured out into Denver to make our city a better place. First, we planted trees on Arbor Day, erecting more than 10 in total. We followed that with a clean-up at Habitat Park, near the Platte River. Divine inspiration couldn’t have produced better days. :)
Continuing the momentum from these events, the Hub has adopted a stretch of Downing Street as part of the Adopt-A-Spot program. Bi-monthly, we’ll put out a call for volunteers to help clean up. Our environment, after all, can infiltrate our self-perceptions. And we want it to have a positive influence in our community.
While we’ll put out calls before each event, we would also like to recruit a core team that we can count on to help regularly with the effort. If that sounds like you, Contact Us to let us know. Thanks for your support!


Save The Date!

10/04: Volunteering: HistoriCorps Elitch Gardens Theatre Restoration
10/12: Fundraiser: Community Service Committee Pancake Breakfast
10/12: Volunteering: Adopt-A-Street Downing Street Clean-up


April’s Community Service Committee “2nd Sunday” Pancake Breakfast
In our very successful breakfast in January–thanks to your patronage and generous donations–we cleared $170 to put toward service and altruism activities. If you thought the “made to order” eggs and other treats were good, then you were in for a treat on April 13th. Not only did we bring back your old favorites, we added WAFFLES and Green Chili to the line-up!

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The first month of each quarter (January, April, July, and October), come join us for the Community Service Committee’s 2nd Sunday Pancake Breakfast! If you’re interested in giving back, this will be an excellent time to stop in for a visit. We’ll speak to some great opportunities to make a difference and would love to hear your thoughts, as well.

Community Service and Altruism at the Hub


  • Provide service opportunities for the secular community
  • Provide financial and/or volunteer assistance to worthy causes, particularly those that support common secular values
  • Provide assistance to community members in need
  • Change perceptions of believers about the members of the secular community


  • Sponsor 1 community service event per month.
  • Sponsor (at most) 1 fundraiser per month, led by a member of the Hub who is not on the committee.
  • Vet 2 member-sponsored charitable causes per month; preferably 1 local and 1 international.
  • Identify and help 1 community member in need of assistance each month.

Learn more about how you can get involved

Community Service and Altruism Portfolio